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Top 10 Tips for Aspiring Comedians: Cementing yourself in the Comedy Scene in Perth. Becoming a better comedian.

Becoming a better comedian in Perth will provide you with more opportunities for bigger more high profile performances
Xavier Susai at the Leederville Comedy Club - opening for Stephen K Amos

Top Tips for becoming a better comedian in Perth

Embarking on a journey in comedy is both exciting and challenging. For those in Perth, the path is enriched by vibrant venues like the Experimental Comedy Club and a supportive community at Grassroots Comedy. Here we’ll explore essential tips for budding comedians, with a spotlight on Perth’s thriving comedy scene.

1. Find Your Unique Voice: Developing your comedic voice is crucial. This isn't just about what you say, but how you say it. It involves discovering your perspective on the world and how you express it humorously. Experiment with different styles and topics. Watch how audiences respond, and refine your approach based on what feels most authentic and resonates the best.

2. Mastering the Art of Joke Writing: Crafting a joke is a skill that takes time to develop. Write regularly, test your material in front of an audience, and be prepared to edit relentlessly. Your goal is to create a connection with your audience through humour.

3. Learn from Comedy Greats: Absorb wisdom from established comedians. Recommended resources include "How to Kill in Comedy" by Steve North, "Born Standing Up" by Steve Martin and Tina Fey's "Bossypants". YouTube channels like Comedy Central Stand-Up are also valuable. Watch how the masters handle timing, delivery, and audience engagement.

4. The Importance of Open Mics: Regularly performing at open mic nights is essential. The Experimental Comedy Club, held at Leederville Comedy Club during Fringe World in January and February and at Lynott's Lounge in Northbridge on Tuesdays, is a perfect spot to start.

5. Record and Reflect: Recording your performances is invaluable. Analyse what worked, what didn’t, and adapt accordingly.

6. Networking in the Comedy Community: Build connections with other comedians and industry professionals. Join groups like the Perth Comedy Collective for opportunities and support.

7. Learning from Professionals: The Experimental Comedy Club has welcomed renowned comedians like Mark Normand (known for his stand-up specials and appearances on Conan), Mike Goldstein (a regular on Australian TV and radio), Joe Wong (featured on The Late Show with David Letterman), Jason Leong (Malaysian comedian and winner of the 7th International HK Comedy Competition), and Stephen K Amos (renowned for his appearances at the Edinburgh Festival). Observing these professionals, especially when they trial new material, is a masterclass in itself.

8. Embrace Constructive Feedback: Feedback is a gift in comedy. Use it to sharpen your skills and refine your act.

9. Support and Engage with the Local Scene: The strength of a comedy scene lies in its community. Attend shows, not just as a performer but as a supporter. Engaging with different styles and types of comedy can broaden your understanding and appreciation of the art form.

10. The Journey of Comedy: Persistence is key in comedy. It’s a path of continuous learning and growth. Every performance, whether it’s a roaring success or a learning experience, is a step forward in your comedic journey.

Bonus Tip: The Discipline of Writing and Preparation: One often overlooked aspect of comedy is the discipline behind the scenes. Consistent writing and preparation are the bedrock of successful comedy. Dedicate regular time to write, even when inspiration seems distant. Develop a routine that allows you to explore ideas, pen down thoughts, and refine jokes. This discipline in writing translates to a more polished and confident performance on stage. Remember, the magic of comedy often lies in the hard work done away from the spotlight.

Spotlight on the Experimental Comedy Club

The Experimental Comedy Club, a staple in Perth’s comedy scene, offers a unique platform for both aspiring and seasoned comedians. It's not just a venue, but a community hub where comedians can test new material and audiences can enjoy fresh and experimental comedy.

Grassroots Comedy: A Haven for Comedic Growth in Perth: Grassroots Comedy is dedicated to fostering new talent. We believe in creating opportunities for new voices to be heard and celebrated. Our community, events, and platforms are designed to nurture and promote comedic talent in a supportive and inclusive environment.

Conclusion: Starting in comedy demands courage, creativity, and commitment. Remember, it's not just about performing; it's about immersing yourself in the art form. Study the professionals, engage with the community, and take every opportunity to refine your craft. Whether you’re stepping onto the stage at the Experimental Comedy Club or connecting with fellow comedians at Grassroots Comedy, each step is a stride towards your dream in comedy.

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