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The Best Comedy Rooms in Perth

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

With over 400 comedians on varying levels, Perth is home to a lively and growing comedy scene! With a range of venues and rooms offering up-and-coming comedians a chance to showcase their talents, purposebuilt comedy rooms, to cabaret style shows, there's quite a lot of entertainment to choose from on any given night.

Good thing is many performers are recognising the trajectory of the scene, and second guess the need to move to the East Coast Comedy Rat Race, having to restart their careers again hoping to have a future in free to air television.

Perth has been a somewhat lucrative and excellent location to foster and nurture talent. Working comics like Xavier Susai, Jon Pinder, Andrew Wolfe, Matt Storer and Simone Springer base themselves in Perth for a very good reason. Plus for Grassroots Comedy's operations, this is closer to Asia and Africa where we've set our sights.

And as long as we're around, this city is going to be a world class hub. The vision is shared across the scene, and if you're visiting Perth from Tuesday to Saturday and you're a comedy fan, why not come check out these incredible weekly rooms!


Experimental Comedy Club

When: Tuesdays

Where: Lynott's Lounge - 100 Melbourne Street, Northbridge

Price: $10 + Booking Fee or $15 at the door

How to Purchase tickets: At the door or online

Number of acts: 12 to 15

Accolades: The only comedy show to get two 5 star reviews at FringeWorld.

Advice: get tickets online as this show sells out nearly every week

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ "It is better than any ‘best of’ show at FRINGE" - FringeFeed 2023

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ "This is an experimental night, and not all material hits home first time, but this is what makes this show so special. You feel part of the creative process where the passion these guys have for their art is visceral." - FringeFeed 2022

All hail the Open Mic for professional comedians testing new material! Sure we get reviews during Fringe festival but rest assured we run the Experimental Comedy Club throughout the year!

This is the most fun you'll have on a Tuesday night. It can be an emotional rollercoaster of a night but you'll come out really getting a taste of what it's like for comics to build their jokes up BEFORE you see the final product. Hosted every week by an MC who will be consistently hilarious with their tried and tested gags to keep you amped for the night. This room represents the true spirit of the Perth comedy scene with 30-40 comedians coming to hang out. The vibe is unbelievable and there's no surprises here that we've had acts like Mark Normand, Stephen K Amos, Tom Ballard, Sami Shah, Ivan Aristeguieta, Dave Callan, Luke Kidgell, Lewis Spears, Harley Breen, Waka and Dane Simpson drop in to do spots.


Port City Comedy

When: Wednesdays

Where: Ronnie Nights, 75/77 Market St, Fremantle WA 6160

Price: $10

How to Purchase tickets: At the door or online

Number of acts: 6 to 8

Advice: Best to get tickets online.

Make your way down to Fremantle on a Wednesday night to a quaint little 40 seater room upstairs at Ronnie Nights. Run by Chris Pucillo and Tyronne King, Perth's quirkiest buddy cop comedy duo.

They have a passion in the purity of stand up comedy and, inspired by the Experimental Comedy Club, have since setup Port City Comedy with their own flavour. We love these boys and we do what we can to support their authentic approach to comedy. Fremantle desparately needed a mid week comedy club. This nails it.

The room is fantastic! Seating only 40, experience a level of intimacy only found in an opium den in 1870s Hong Kong. Plus by all accounts this seems to be the only thing pumping on a Wednesday night in Fremantle.


Leederville Comedy Club

When: Every Thursday

Where: The Red Room - Upstairs at the Leederville Hotel, 742 Newcastle St, Leederville

Price: Starting from $22.50

How to Purchase tickets: At the door or online

Number of acts: 5-8

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ - "A New York comedy club experience in the suburbs of Perth"

- Comedy Central

Welcome to Grassroots Comedy's flagship room! Hundreds of hours were spent working with the good folks at the Leederville Precinct to assemble the layout, technical components, and ensure this is a world class room. Similar vibe to the Comedy Store in LA's "Main Room". We've even worked out a solid comedy cocktail menu to go with the show. Drinks like the Dave Schnapelle, Gin Jefferies, Joe Roganegroni, Margarita Cho, Mango Szubanski, Shandy Samberg and much more to be released periodically.

Enjoy acts from International and National touring comics and amazing pro locals who represent the backbone of the Perth comedy scene.

The Traffic Light Game! Get involved - We have a gameshow segment on our nights! Raise your paddles to decide if the Comedian deserves to get PAID or NOT!

BRUTAL! But also, if they don't get paid, funds get donated to the Black Dog Institute to support mental health research!

These photos don't do it justice. You'll have to see it for yourself. The amoint of attention to detail we paid is off the charts. Hell, we even figured out the right floral scent for the room, and wait till the popcorn machine comes and you get that smell of hot butter circulating the air while you tune in on Andrew Wolfe exposing the fallacy of 3rd world problems. Bourgeois indeed, but we promise to try to keep the prices low!

Tickets, lineups and cocktails all on


Windmill Comedy Club

When: Every Friday

Where: The Windmill, Melville Parade, South Perth WA 6151

Price: $15

How to Purchase tickets: At the door or online

Number of acts: 10

This is one of the most unusual comedy rooms we've stumbled on.

So you know that windmill you drive past on the narrows bridge?

No one gives it a second thought. More or less we thought it was a Dutch restaurant that served $48 potato soup...but it turns out it's one of Perth's oldest buildings. Built in 1830 by William Shenton, it served as an actual flour mill until it became the first nightclub and rooftop bar in Perth in 1870 (no seriously look this up) then a chicken coup followed by a restoration of the facility by the council.

And now it's a comedy club run by Nick Hunter and his crew of merry men.

The Windmill is the only BYO comedy room in Perth. A great place to bring a six pack, chill and watch a lot of up and coming acts. This is certainly open mic level comedy, it's definitely priced accordingly. But a lot of pro acts pop in from time to time when they have Friday off to do a spot at the Windmill and support the room. Plus it's BYO you really can't go wrong!


Comedy Lounge

When: Every Friday/Saturday

Where: 413 Murray St, Perth WA 6000

Price: Starting at $55

How to Purchase tickets: At the door or online. Online is recommended

Number of acts: 5-6

Perth's most familiar stand up comedy venue and rightfully so. Founded by John and Jane Mcallister, they're truly passionate about all things comedy and have devoted their entire lives towards stand up comedy. As comedians, we've worked for them for nearly 20 years since they started the Comedy Lounge at the Hyde Park Hotel (2004 - 2007), then the Charles Hotel (2008 - 2016) until they created their own purpose built venue in Perth's city centre. It is a fantastic space with quality comedians, comfortable seating arrangements and plenty of options behind the bar. You really can't go wrong with an experience at the Comedy Lounge and this is the best way to end your 5 day "Tuesday to Saturday" Perth Comedy scene tour!



Tuesday - Experimental Comedy Club

Wednesday - Port City Comedy

Thursday - Leederville Comedy Club / Traffic Light Game

Friday - Windmill Comedy Club

Saturday - Comedy Lounge

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