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Run by comedians with 20 years experience, we know how to put on a good event at quarterly catch up, or a fundraiser for a local team. We firmly believe in providing variety and quality as a showcase format for these types of events. Leaving you with a good spectrum of comedic styles and talent where there's something for everyone on the night.

We can put together an event from scratch, market and set up ticketing, or leverage your existing infrastructure at your club and perform for a fixed fee. Our flexibility is focused on your sports club getting the best outcome.


We have a huge catalogue of performers in our books, including comics with close ties to Aussie Rules Football, Rugby and Cricket. 

Our ethos is to provide real comedy for real people. Which means our shows are always curated to be relatable, jam-packed with laughs and full of variety.

Get in touch with us to help you put on a memorable show!


a bustling sports club transformed into a lively Grassroots Comedy venue, with a stage set up in the clubhouse, chairs arranged for the audience, and a comedian entertaining a crowd of sports enthusiasts, highlighting the club's versatility in hosting comedy events.
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