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Real Comedy, Global Reach: Nurturing Talent, Bridging Cultures

Perth's comedy scene is undergoing a remarkable transformation, led by Grassroots Comedy, evolving into a world-class hub for both international and local comedians. With over 500 local comedians, the city has become a vibrant platform for emerging and established talents, regularly hosting global stars like Joe Wong (Colbert, Letterman, Ellen) Mark Normand (Netflix) and Stephen K Amos (UK, MICF Gala) at iconic venues such as the Leederville Comedy Club, Dark Horse Comedy Club, and Experimental Comedy Club. This growth is further bolstered by plans to expand into South East Asia, tapping into markets with substantial English-speaking populations, like Malaysia (15 million), Singapore (4.1 million), the Philippines (67 million), and Indonesia (23 million). Grassroots Comedy's vision and partnerships are propelling Perth onto the global comedy stage, making it a beacon for cultural exchange and laughter.

Grassroots Comedy is bringing audiences from all over Perth together to enjoy world class comedy at our various estaablishments

Our Story - Perth and beyond

Perth's transformation into a global comedy hub is a story of vision and collaborative effort. Central to this narrative is Grassroots Comedy, working alongside the Comedy Lounge, Comedy Shack and various local club affiliates to bring a world-class comedy experience to the city. This evolution has positioned Perth not just as a scenic destination, but also as a vibrant centre for touring comedians.

Grassroots Comedy, established in 2021, was centred around rebuilding a non-existent comedy scene in Perth, following the series of COVID lockdowns and border closures, broke the back of a relatively strong supply chain of touring professionals. Steered by professional comedians like Xavier Susai, a veteran of nearly 20 years, known for his presence in the Australian and South East Asian circuits, has played a tactical role in the redevelopment. Their year-round events at various clubs have nurtured a comedy community now boasting over 500 local comedians, positioning Grassroots Comedy as the largest WA Comedy network all year round. 

The appeal of Perth's comedy scene is evident in its ability to attract global talent. Comedians like Mark Normand, Dilruk Jayasinha, Ivan Aristeguieta, Bron Lewis, Fiona O'Loughlin, Stephen K Amos, and Joe Wong grace stages at venues like the Leederville Comedy Club, Guildford Comedy Club, Experimental Comedy Club, and the Dark Horse Comedy Club. This diversity enriches the local scene with a variety of comedic styles and perspectives, along with giving clarity about the standards

Simone Springer and the Motherhood team are big supporters of Grasroots Comedy
Mark Normand, Mae Planert, Andrew Youngblood, US Comics who are big supporters of Grassroots Comedy here in Perth

The journey for local comedians often begins at the Experimental Comedy Club, progressing through unique formats like the Traffic Light Game at the Leederville Comedy Club, to professional shows at the Dark Horse Comedy Club and regional shows like the Karratha Comedy Club, along with an extensive Fringe Festival program, this pathway supports comedians in transitioning from local stages to larger tours.

Annually, Perth welcomes over 200 visiting comedians, servicing as a significant provider for comedy events at Fringe World, Belmont Imaginarium, and corporate events around Perth and the state.


Visiting comedians continue to spread the good word about this emerging world-class scene, and many continue to return to make themselves available for our amazing audiences. This is a testament to the operational prowess and commitment of Grassroots in integrating these artists as regulars in the Perth comedy scene.

Now into our 3rd year of operations, Grassroots Comedy's plans are underway include expanding into South East Asia, where there is a significant English-speaking population. For instance, Malaysia has about 15 million English speakers (50% of the population), Singapore boasts approximately 4.1 million (75%), and the Philippines has around 67 million (60%). Indonesia also presents a substantial opportunity, with around 23 million English speakers, about 8.7% of its population. These figures are significant when compared to Australia's own English-speaking demographics and highlight the potential for comedy as a cultural bridge.


We're forward thinkers geared towards the future, and as Grassroots Comedy forges partnerships with global agencies, the trajectory of Perth's comedy scene is set for further growth. This isn't just a story about numbers; it's about creating a global comedy community where cultural exchange and mutual understanding are celebrated through humour.

Perth’s emergence as a key player in the global comedy landscape is a reflection of our commitment to nurturing talent, attracting international stars, and planning expansion into new markets like South East Asia, positions Perth as a pivotal comedy destination on the world stage.

Meet The Team

Clients we've worked with

We are very happy with collaborating with Grassroots Comedy at a multi-tiered capacity. The quality of their performers and organisers are above-and-beyond capable 

Pietro Tali, CEO, Saipem

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