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Propen Mic! Entering a new phase in Perth Comedy

What is Propen Mic?

You may have noticed our recent surge in new value-for-money comedy rooms around Perth - places like The Guildford Comedy Club, Leederville Comedy Club and the Speakeasy Comedy Club (Returning July 26) are all geared towards a format to elevate and support the up-and-comers in our scene.

Propen Mic is a term Xavier Susai came up with one night (probably [definitely] playing with propane) which was to come up with a suitable room format for pro comics looking to work out new material. This is meant to address the concerns performers have with the lack of stage time and the volumetric rise of new performers into the scene.

While we obviously embrace growth, as it encourages competition, as well as increases the number of available quality comedians locally, it does come with challenges around ongoing professional development for working comedians seeking stage time.

This is where we have opted to implement these working rooms where it is strictly for working comics and up-and-coming performers with longer opportunities for sets and a high standard.

New material is encouraged in these rooms, allowing audiences to hear fresh, hot takes, but working comedians are generally far more professional in the standard they set, as well as the preperation they put into the jokes well before they get on stage. This means an opportunity for longer sets, and a usual mandate of 30% old and tested material to get things going, but the majority of the set can be jokes they're working on to get it right and honed in for professional shows as well as comedy festival runs and corporate events.

We really love Propen Mic, so watch this space as we implement far more of these rooms over the coming months/years.

Right now we have:

  • The Leederville Comedy Club

  • The Guildford Comedy Club

  • The Speakeasy Comedy Club

All tailored and designed to be a cheap ticket ($20-$25 compared to pro shows at some plays costing you $55) as well as great laughs, new material and exposure to up-and-coming comedians

Enjoy Propen mic!


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