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Headshots for Comedians

Updated: May 12

Just a bit of advice for new people in the scene on the topic of self-marketing. Most stuff in the beginning like making business cards, facebook fan pages, setting up the proverbial "yournamecomedy" instagram are not really essential at the start.

However one thing room runners find handy is a headshot for posts. Have a few options on hand. Different angles and facial expressions would be good. Good lighting is crucial.

Useful dimensions/parameters:

  • White background is preferable (Useful but not essential).

  • Good lighting (Critical)

  • Good image resolution (Critical)

  • Any close-ups (Useful)

  • Make sure it's in colour. Gives the designer enough options to modify them where needed

  • Make sure all your limbs are in the frame. We hate having to constantly use AI rendering of shoulders and arms into posters to make it all fit.


  • Square (for Instagram and FB) (Most Important)

  • Story Portrait

  • Landscape (16:9)

We've put some examples:

Keep it simple really, no need to do anything elaborate or get carried away on costs. You can do it pretty easily at home with a bit of good lighting and a wall. or find a low cost option, maybe an amateur photographer who has a home studio and does it at value for money. Whoever you're going with just show them this post. Or you can do it yourself with an iphone:

Once you have your photos it's best to store them on a cloud directory. Our performers just put their content in a dropbox folder which they can just send the link to booking agents and clients on request.

Anything to help room runners and promoters out is always a plus.

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