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A few immutable truths in the comedy Industry

I've been around for nearly 20 years mostly as a working stand up comic but also recently since 2021 also running multiple rooms under the Grassroots Comedy banner.

On reflection of the journey getting to this point and having existed through all the trends and flavours and the interesting direction this industry is moving from live comedy to the digital platform, here's some Immutable truths I have observed in this industry and I think might be useful to share.

  1. Gatekeepers are a bit of a bullshit thing. There is no ONE make or break individual or institution there for you to pave your way. A lot of people claim authority or create false ideas that you need them, but that's just not true. You can basically do anything you want and fall on your own sword.

  2. Cancellers always end up getting cancelled.

  3. Virtue signallers are always the ones who commit the crimes they love to accuse others of doing.

  4. Talk shit get hit. Not an IF but a WHEN Guaranteed if you're always someone trying to cut down others to try to claw your way up becauseyou're not talented enough, lazy or unwilling to put the work in and do it the right way on stage, one or them is gonna fight back and you WILL pay the price.

  5. No ones ever gonna be invested in your own goals as much as you are.

  6. If you initially wanted to do this for money you're an idiot and will fall harder than a Boeing 737.

  7. Most people are entitled and will never value the effort you're putting in to things. ESPECIALLY if it's successful. People aren't interested in what's under the hood nor the back story or the blood sweat and tears.

This is probably a growing list but for now, this is the data as it presents. As a mathematician in my day job, I find it useful to notate constants like this to allow me to define solutions to problems I face both as a comedian and as a room runner.

Hope this is useful. Feel free to follow or hit me up on @xaviersusai if you have any questions or thoughts.

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